• The Viaduct des Arts. Along the avenue Daumesnil and the Coulée verte on the old railway line transformed into a suspended walkway between Bastille and Bois de Vincennes.
  • Very Parisian markets. The Aligre market, colorful and lively, takes place every day of the week except Monday, the Bastille market every Sunday morning; and finally, the Creators’ Market in Bastille can be found all day Saturday.
  • The passages of the Reuilly district. Cour Saint-Eloi, Passage du Génie, Cour d’Alsace Lorraine, Impasse Mousset, Impasse Baronnet and the recently renovated Cour de l’Industrie which starts from rue de Montreuil, a stone’s throw from the Zazie.
  • The Faubourg Saint-Antoine and the courtyards of this former craftmen’s district. Cour Damoye, Cour Saint Louis, Cour des Trois Frères (« three brothers »), passage de la Bonne Graine (« good weed »), passage du Chantier (« construction site ») or passage Lhomme which starts from rue de Charonne.
  • Just before Bastille, the Roquette district (Roquette, Charonne, Lappe, Taillandiers …), with its night bars, restaurants and trendy shops.